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It is with great excitement that we announce the launch of our Rosella online store, which happens to coincide with the launch of our gorgeous summer Jolie range. The range is rooted in shades of pink, in honour of the upcoming Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

We’re delighted with the new range and now you can order these stunning Jolie items online and have them delivered to your front door for ultimate convenience. But there’s a glitch… you’re not yet comfortable with the concept of online shopping. With these online shopping tips, there’s no need for you to hesitate and in no time, you’ll marvel at how quick and easy the experience was.


1) First up, review the delivery and returns policies – do this before you make your purchase. You need to be clear and comfortable with these. If not, then your shopping experience may not be as smooth sailing as you would like, so best to do this first.


2) View the item you are interested in from all angles – this seems logical, but often we forget (especially when excited about that special item you found) to view the back and we are (unpleasantly) surprised when your purchase arrives with unexpected patching or text on the back.


3) Use up to date measurements – it is crucial to work with recent measurements. When in doubt, measure yourself again. Visit for tips on measuring yourself.


4) Consult size and conversion charts – not all clothing brands work off the same sizing system. Work according to the particular website’s sizing chart for optimum results.


5) Delivery do’s and don’ts – in our experience, it’s easier to send packages to your place of work, that way, should you not be around at the time of delivery someone will be able to receive the package on your behalf. Be sure of the delivery date.


6) Always give an alternate number or if you have any other specific delivery instructio­­­­ns jot them down under order ­­­notes.

Double check – before you complete your purchase, double check that the size, quantity and colour of the items that you have ordered are correct.

And just like that – your order is on its way! You can peruse our online offering either by item style or by brand on

Now you too can shop like a pro online!


Till next time, happy online shopping.


Lady Rosella

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