Packing up

It’s that time of year when you start feeling like you’re running out of steam and you start to look forward to your year-end break and some much-deserved R&R.

Packing tends to be a last-minute affair and, more often than not, you’re cramming as many wardrobe options into your suitcase as humanly possible, which is especially stressful when you’re bushed and desperate for that vacay.

Sound familiar? If so, Rosella has just the treat for you, the ultimate suitcase packing hack that will have you packed up and ready to drive/fly/sail off into the sunset.

Here are the steps to the ultimate suitcase packing hack:

Firstly, fill your shoes with socks and stockings – a nifty space-saving trick. Place your filled shoes in plastic or shoe bags for protection and lay them along the walls of your suitcase.

Rolling your garments and clothing items is a great way to maximize space. Start by rolling your jeans, pants, leggings and pack them as close to each other as possible, and place them at the bottom of your suitcase. This forms your base layer.

On top of your base layer, you would add lighter garments. Roll sweaters and skirts and pack them tightly next to each other on top of your pants.

The third layer would comprise of dresses, shirts and t-shirts. Light, easy creasing items should be added to this layer.


Your cosmetic and toiletry bags are placed on top, nestled between clothing items to prevent them from moving around.

Finally, stuff your bra cups with foldable undergarments and swimwear items, and neatly tuck these between the rolled items.

If rolling isn’t your thing, the alternative would be the filing method. Think of a filing cabinet and apply the same thinking by stacking each folded item vertically from front to back.

Remember to pack items that can multitask – things you can easily dress up for an evening out and neutral colours you can pair up with different items throughout your holiday. When in doubt, stick to the formula of one of each to avoid overweight baggage anxiety.

It’s not long to go, Ladies – before you know it, you’ll be packed and ready to embrace the holiday season.

Till next time


Lady Rosella

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