Finding your signature style

After dabbling in trends, flirting with a variety of fabrics and collecting many different cuts, we decided to hone it in and find our very own signature style. A signature style is your fail proof way of dressing that you can always rely on regardless of season. A style that works for your figure and reflects who you are. Your signature style can be built on with differing colours, prints, lengths and textures, but the foundation of the style remains the same. Carolina Herrera is the perfect example of this. The foundation of her signature style is a crisp, collared shirt and skirt. Here you see her flaunt her signature style as formal and casual wear, with differing lengths, fabrics and so on, but the foundation of her signature style always remains intact.

Here are some great ways to bring out your own signature style:

Mood Board

This is a great exercise to do around your summer and winter wardrobes. Your mood board should include things that inspire you from colour, photography, trends and silhouettes. Scour the internet or your favourite magazines and place your favourite images together on a board – either virtually (easily done with Pinterest) or an actual board and hang it up in your cupboard where it can inspire you on the daily.


You’ll never know if it works for you, till you try it. So, go forth, be brave and experiment. Try wearing the styles of clothing that you collected on your mood board. You’ll have fun, you’ll get confused and make mistakes – that way you’ll figure out what does and doesn’t work for you and get closer to finding your signature style.

What do you feel most confident in?

Whether it’s a dress, a simple t-shirt or a feather boa – if it makes you happy and brings confidence then damn it, wear it and own it! Fashion is all about expressing yourself. Once you have identified your signature style, don’t be afraid of repeating your winning style. You can do so with variations, differing colour combinations and changing up your accessories. Jessica Alba does this like a pro with her casual signature style of jeans. It’s her go to when she is not glammed up and in the limelight.

All that’s left to do is enjoy flaunting your signature style and showcasing your personality with pride and confidence.

Yours in style


Lady Rosella


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