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There is no better way to spend Women’s Month than appreciating your body, inside and out – the health it brings, the opportunities it affords you and the way it looks.

At Rosella, we want to do just that, by celebrating your unique shape. Many women aren’t sure of their body shape, so we’ve made it easy for you to quickly figure out what yours is. All you’ll need is a measuring tape, a couple of minutes and a spare pair of hands.

Measuring for your shape

Measuring your shoulders, bust, waist and hips is a key element to assessing body shape. Here are some tips on how you should be taking your measurements:

Shoulders: It’s best to have someone help you measure from the tip of one shoulder all the way around you. Ensure that the measuring tape is high up around your shoulders, it must feel as if it’s going to slip off.

Bust: The measuring tape should be pulled taut (be careful not to squash) across the fullest part of your bust and around your back.

Waist: Many people get this one wrong – the trick is to measure your waist is to measure just above the belly button and not below.

Hips: Starting at one hip (just below the hip bone) and wrap the tape measure around the largest part of your bottom.


Finding your shape

Armed with your measurements, you are now able to assess which of the following body shapes is yours.

Hourglass body shapes have hips and shoulders that are more or less the same size, with a defined waist.

An apple body shape is when your shoulders, bust and waist are broad. Arms and legs tend to be slimmer.

You are an inverted triangle when your shoulders or bust are bigger than your hips.

An athletic (or rectangle) body shape is when your shoulders, bust and hips are about the same size, with an undefined waistline.

You are a triangle (or pear) body shape when your hips are wider than your shoulders.

And voila! Your body shape is no more a mystery! Knowing what styles and cuts of clothing will accentuate your curves and body shape is one of the joys of dressing. In our next post, we find you the perfect dress – yes, your perfect frock!

Until then, have a sublime Women’s Day


Lady Rosella

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