The Rooi Rose and Rosella Royal Make-Over

The ladies that dress the Rosella way are elegant and classy. These women are gracious and their taste in fashion is impeccable. In fact, we would go as far as saying that the Rosella clientele are royal.

Rosella, in partnership with Rooi Rose magazine decided to run a make-over campaign of royal proportions, where one lucky Queen will be treated to a brand new Rosella wardrobe, a royal make-over and a holiday in Mauritius with her King to the value of R 250 000.

With nearly 400 entries received and 53 000 votes, one lucky Queen reigned supreme and took the crown. Introducing, Annaleen Cilliers. Take a bow for the Queen! A royal congratulations goes to Annaleen for taking part in the campaign and winning the crown.


This campaign was designed to truly showcase how elegant and elaborate Rosella’s range of clothing is. As such, it was only fitting that the make-over be done with truly premium brands that are fit for a Queen. The final leg of this campaign concludes in Mauritius where the Royal Make-Over winner will take her brand new wardrobe and her dazzling new look to a luxurious resort, Heritage Awali Resort and Spa.

We carefully selected a host of brands that were fit for a Queen. These brands are all market leaders within their respective industries (or should we say kingdoms). These brands are exclusive and premium. In fact, we could call them Kings and Queens too, because each brand has a unique and strong followership. Without further ado, allow us to roll out the red carpet and introduce to you, the Royal brands that made  the Rooi Rose and Rosella Royal Make-Over Campaign possible:

Jolie: This is Rosella’s signature brand that has been selected and designed by the Rosella Queen, Belinda Zietsman and her Princess, Ann Margaret Zietsman. These fashion items can only be found at Rosella Boutiques. Jolie is beautifully unique and elegant – much like a Queen’s prized jewels.


SPANX: A Queen is very busy being royal and running her kingdom. Not all Queens can exercise because their sweat is sacred. This is why SPANX was selected for the Royal Make-Over. SPANX undergarments have been designed to accentuate and shape the feminine physique in such a way that no matter what shape or size you are, you will look and feel like royalty. SPANX is the original shapewear brand and a market leader in this space. Only the best and proven technologies are fit for royalty and the reason why this truly magnificent brand was selected for the make-over.


SPANX can be found at Rosella stores, so if you’d also like to royally slim and shape your figure, come in-store and let one of the Rosella stylists treat you like royalty and style you to perfection using the world’s no.1 shapewear brand.

Holster: When our Queen reaches the lush shores of Mauritius, she will need to be dripping in diamonds. She will need to bling even if she is taking a stroll on the beach or ambling around the Heritage Awali Resort and Spa. The Queen is recognizable by her lavish jewels and the crown on her head but what about her feet? A Queen must always be dripping in diamonds and bling from the head-to-toe. This is exactly why Holster was selected as the shoe-wear brand of choice. Holster exudes, luxury, elegance and class – of course, fit for royalty.


Always put your best foot forward. In Holsters, you can! This beautifully elegant brand is also stocked at Rosella Boutiques, as well as the Rosella Shoe Stores, so if you’d like to treat your feet to some royal style, go the Holster way.

Holiday Factory: Royalty spend the bulk of their time running kingdoms and being fabulous. As a result, Queens and Kings will need to recharge their batteries and because they are accustomed to elegance and luxury, their batteries can only recharge in majestically luxurious islands such as Mauritius. The Holiday Factory is renowned for sourcing fantastic holiday destinations that are fit for royalty. You will find holiday packages that will suit your royal expectations even if your bank account isn’t as royal as your taste.

Holiday Factory

The Holiday Factory completely understood that our Queen and her King would need a royal holiday in a resort and spa of majestic proportions, which is why they selected the gorgeous Heritage Awali Resort and Spa for our final leg of the campaign.

Hotel 3

The Heritage Awali Resort and Spa is a luxury beach resort located on the Domaine de Bel Ombre in the wild southern part of Mauritius. Because our Queen and her King are stars themselves, only the best will do, which is why this breathtaking beautiful resort has been awarded 5 beautiful stars.

Hotel 2

The resort boasts  a host of luxurious amenities which will leave you spoilt for choice: this luxury hotel offers its guests an inviting ethnic atmosphere, world class services and luxury amenities, an array of sports and leisure activities, and access to their award-winning Heritage Golf Club. All these are set in stunning natural and  unspoilt surroundings.

Hotel 1

TIGI: All Queens have a crown – this is their signature look. This is why we’ve brought in the top hair styling brand to style our Queen’s crown of locks. TIGI translates fashion trends into an image statement and provides the products to do it! Whether your personal vision is to be a Rockstar, a red-carpet glamour queen, or sleek and sophisticated, TIGI has the right products for your personality and lifestyle. No matter what type of royalty you are, TIGI will style and perfect your luscious locks accordingly.


The Senate, Monte Casino: Using only the best hair products from TIGI, The Senate salon will take care of our Queen’s styling needs to ensure that her crown of luscious locks are styled to perfection. The Senate will not only have our Queen’s locks made-over but she will be pampered in a truly luxurious  setting. The Senate will leave our Queen looking and feeling the most royal version of herself. She will wear her new crown of locks with complete and utter pride because she will be styled by a team of experts using only professional hair care products from TIGI.

The Senate


Dermalogica: Cleopatra used to bathe her skin in milk during the ancient times but luckily for our Queen, she won’t need to resort to milk baths. Luckily for her, there’s Dermalogica. Our Queen will undergo a royal make-over from international skin experts, Dermalogica. She will be treated to a one-on-one session with a highly qualified skin expert who will assess her skin and provide her with a unique combination of expert products and advice that will gain her skin’s royal perfection. Dermalogica are market leaders in the beauty and grooming industry. They are always top-of-trend and constantly providing consumers with products and services that will ensure their complexion is perfect and this is why this noteworthy brand was selected to give our Queen’s skin the royal treatment.


MUD (Make-Up Designory): When it comes down to being royal, a Queen must always be top-of-trend and must always have perfectly accentuated features which is why MUD was selected as the royal make-up make-over experts. MUD is a bit of a celebrity in itself stemming from the land of stars, California and has been used by professional make-up artists on film sets, for fashion shoots and creating red carpet looks. With MUD, you can look royal every day of the year.

MUD Make-Up

Our lucky Queen will be treated to a MUD make-up make-over by the Queen of MUD, Brenda Botha. Our Queen will be educated on how to use these amazing products so that she can mimic her royal look every day.

Crabtree & Evelyn: Every Queen needs to end her day with a royal session of “Me Time”, so that she can unwind, relax and revitalize after a long day of ruling over her kingdom. Most Queens find that the best way of enjoying this, is by indulging in a luxurious and lavish bubble-bath accompanied by a creamy and soothing experience of applying decadently rich and delicious bath and body products. Obviously the best and most royal brand for the job, is Crabtree and Evelyn. Our Queen’s bathroom will be geared for royal pampering by being inclusive of a range of bath and body products from this royal brand. Our Queen will also be able to take this experience with her upon her travels to ensure that she gets to enjoy her nightly ritual of bath-time bliss.


When it comes to royal nails only the best will do, of course Morgan Taylor is the brand that will undoubtedly nail the royal look. Our Queen will have her hands and nails revitalized to Morgan Taylor perfection to ensure that her royal make-over is of royal perfection, from head-to-toe. Our Queen will be able to put her best foot (and hand) forward thanks to the Morgan Taylor nail experts.

Morgan Taylor

De Wit Motors, Mercedes Benz: Not only will our Royal Make-Over Queen be treated to a day of shopping and styling at Rosella but she will also enjoy her make-over journey by being  transported in a luxury vehicle courtesy of De Wit Motors. She will be chauffeur driven in a Mercedes-Benz fit for a Queen and her King.

De Wit


Nu: The Royal Make-Over will leave our Queen feeling royally pampered and possibly leave her and her King with one royal appetite. Because the Queen and King are valuable members of their kingdom and they are accustomed to fine cuisine, they can only be fed with the most natural and premium ingredients of the lands which is why Nu was selected as our royal nutrition brand of choice. Taste is never compromised with Nu and will leave one’s taste buds craving more.


NU 1

A big thank you to all the Royal sponsors that made this royalty campaign possible. Each brand offers a royally luxurious experience that is nothing short of world class. We urge you all to try these brands out for yourself because you too, should enjoy a day of pampering and styling. You are a Queen to someone in your life and for that, you should treat yourself.


The Rosella Team

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