The fashion items that fashion-mavens own

We all have them – the women that we secretly (or not so secretly) envy or at least, we envy their wardrobe. They always seem to get it right and look fabulous every time your paths cross. Yes, you’re a teeny bit jealous, but you also admire her style and sass. We’ve decoded these fashion-mavens and reach the same conclusion time after time – they love trend-led pieces, but it’s the way they pair these up with the classic pieces that no one ever gets bored of. Here are some of the items that you’re guaranteed to find in every fashion-maven’s wardrobe.

The pencil skirt

Pencil skirts have always been an office favourite, but it’s now a casual look favourite you can wear with t-shirts, sneakers and a denim jacket. Fashion-mavens love taking a standard fashion item and turning it into the corner stone for 2 very different looks.

The button-down shirt

Whether it’s the classic white or in another colour that suits your complexion better, the versatility of this item is what makes it a winner time and time again. Fashion-mavens know this and utilise it. They are able to wear button down shirts at the smartest of functions (with a tailored suit or flared skirt) or dress it right down with a pair of shorts.

The knit

Fashion-mavens wear these all year round – on breezy summer evenings and under jackets and coats in winter. They experiment with textures and prints, which helps them stay on trend. Paired with skirts, trousers or even under dresses – knits can be just the thing you need to rejuvenate a tired outfit.

Nude heels

We always default to our black pumps – they’re classic and a staple so why not? But there are times when you can change things up with a pair of nude heels instead of the obvious black – this is exactly what a fashion-maven would do. So, the next time you’re in your favourite suit or LBD about to reach for your customary black heels, reach for the nude ones instead to add an unexpected twist to your outfit.

The trench coat

It’s the cut that is classic, so whether you go for the classic beige or branch out with a different colour, the trench coat is a mainstay for mavens. It’s the go to on a rainy or cold day when you’re unsure of what to wear or feel uninspired. Team your trench with brightly coloured shoes or lips and you’ll have an instant “look” that takes 2 minutes to master.

While we appreciate the style and sass of others, don’t forget to harness your own and these items will help you do just that. Be your own fashion-maven every day, all day!

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