The bomb!

Born out of necessity and transformed into high fashion over the space of a few decades – this is the story of the bomber jacket.

The bomber jacket began as functional clothing item for military use and can be traced as far back as World War I. The bomber jackets, also known as flight jackets back then, primary function was to insulate pilots from freezing temperatures.

The style of the bomber we most recognise today was released in 1932 by the US Army Air Corps. During the 1950’s bombers transitioned from military to civilian wear with changes made to suit customers with fewer functional needs.

By the late 60’s the bomber was a fully fledged fashion item. Ironically it had gone from a uniform to a symbol of rebellion in Japan, Europe and America, forming part of the punk movement often paired with t-shirts, skinny jeans and Doc Martens boots.

The bomber’s popularity escalated in the late 70’s and 80’s when it was featured in some of our favourite films of all time, Grease and Top Gun.

The Pink Ladies of Grease in their bespoke bomber jackets

The stars of Top Gun, Tom Cruise and Kelly McGillis, wearing iconic leather bombers

During 2016 bombers featured in a number of top designer collections including Gucci and Alexander Wang with celebrities sporting versions for both day and evening wear.

Gucci bomber jackets & Gisele Bundchen in her Alexander Wang bomber jacket

In celebration of this functional fashion triumph, Jolie, Sandwich and Made In Italy have brought out a range of stylish bomber jackets. These statement pieces will take you through autumn, winter and all the way to spring. They can be dressed up and down and are bang on trend. Available at all Rosella Boutiques.

This functional clothing item certainly didn’t start out as having any fashion appeal, but sometimes happy aesthetic accidents occur! The bomber jacket is one such story.

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