Scoring all the way with sport-luxe

Over the last decade the sport-luxe trend has persisted, evolved, changed perceptions and as a result, made its way into countless wardrobes the world over. But how does one begin to work this trend into their wardrobe with confidence? Here are our 5 hero pieces that will have you sporting this trend in no time.

The hoodie

From dowdy hoodie to hot item, the versatile hoodie now tailored and available in a number of fabrics with detail and finishes that will leave you putting the luxe into sport-luxe.

The backpack

The backpack has graduated from high school have-to-have to everyday-must-have. Good for your back and easy on the eye, these backpacks are both a chic and practical way of carry your essentials and an easy way to embrace the sport-luxe trend.

The jogger trouser

Tapered for a better fit, made with supreme fabrics, add a print and you have joggers that will have you running around to block to get your hands on a pair.

The fashion sneaker

It’s goodbye to clunky tekkies and hello to the fashion sneaker that is not only comfy, but so darn stylish, you’ll be tempted to trade your heels for them.

The tracksuit

There is absolutely no excuse for a frumpy tracksuit – not when they look and feel like this! Team your tracksuit up with a pair of fashion sneakers and backpack and you’ll be bang on trend.

This trend is showing no signs of slowing down and with these hero pieces from Rosella, you can comfortably embrace sport-luxe – the trend that has revolutionised casual wear and muscled its way into the essential everyday items category.

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