Say no to wardrobe woes

You know the feeling, that sense of absolute frustration when you’re not able to find that new dress in your cupboard, especially when it’s key to the outfit you’ve carefully planned for your busy day ahead? With spring round the corner there’s no better time to spring clean your closet and banish your wardrobe frustrations. We have some handy tips to get you going:

Get out your favourite album or press play on your hottest playlist to get you into the zone.

Out with the old
A good start is to donate the clothing that you have not worn in the last 2 years and has no fundamental value. If it’s two sizes too small or too big, it should also go. Ask yourself if you would wear the item today and if the answer is no, out it must go. It is not easy, but this will mean additional cupboard space and worth it.

Now for some organising
For some of us a custom made wardrobe is not an option, but that doesn’t have to hinder your future well-organised cupboard. Start by assessing your hangers. Slim line hangers will give you twice the space of wooden or plastic hangers. With this new found space you are able to get your organising game on:

If you have enough space to hang all your tops then do so – the more you see the more you’ll wear. Collared shirts together and less formal tops together. Colour coding in these two categories is a great way to save on rummaging aimlessly through your cupboard.

Fold heavy jerseys as opposed to hanging them, as they’re less likely to lose their shape. A top tip is to use cedar sticks to prevent moths from ravaging your prized knitwear. Replace those every six months. Colour coding your jerseys by weight is ideal.

You could do this in a number of ways – by brand, style, cut or colour. We prefer hanging our jeans by the hem ranging from light to darker shades of denim.

Skirts and pants – long and short
A great tip for hanging difficult fabrics and differing lengths is to use pegs with pieces of white cardboard underneath so that your items don’t mark. Ordering pants in colours works well and skirts can be organised in lengths or according to office wear or casual wear.

This could be done in a number of ways to suit your preference. Hanging your frocks by colour as opposed to length or vice versa, by season, day or night, strapless or long sleeve. If in doubt, default to organising by colour.

To make choosing the right pair of shoes effortless, we suggest arranging them in pairs with the right shoe toe out and left shoe heel out so you can see both easily.

Having bags visible makes it that much easier to make a quick handbag change choice. We prefer organising these in colour, but arranging by size is also a practical option.

Scarves and pashminas:
These should be folded and divided into piles of colours making it easy to pull one out without ruining the order of the rest.

And voila – your wardrobe is transformed and your cupboard frustrations are no more. Bring on spring and a snazzy, well-organised cupboard.

To new beginnings!

Till next time
Lady Rosella

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