Rosella Ladies Wear – A Passion For Fashion and People

A Passion for Fashion Since 1986

These days, there are more fashion boutiques around, than there are actual people to clothe. But how many of these boutiques have been around since 1986? Not many. However, the Zietsman family have managed to keep their exclusive fashion boutique concept on trend for 29 years in an industry that is so fast-paced and fickle, it is close to impossible to stay on top of your game.

What is the secret to their success in terms of maintaining their brand’s longevity in the fast-paced and dynamic fashion industry? Few things in life are constant  and guaranteed. However, there are two things we can all agree on, that are constant and guaranteed, and that is family and change. When we look at Rosella as a fashion business, we will discover that perhaps their secret to success are those two very variables that form the crux of their business model: family and change. The Rosella business is run by the family, and more specifically, a mom and daughter duo are the ones responsible for sourcing the unique and elaborately elegant range of clothing, as well as developing their own signature brand of clothing and accessories, Jolie.

The other variable, is change and if you are familiar with the Rosella boutique concept, you will know that the brand is constantly evolving by bringing South Africa unique items of clothing from all around the world. Rosella are also the exclusive stockists of a few high-end fashion brands that can only be found overseas and at Rosella. Some of these brands include the likes of Gerry Weber (Germany), Piccadilly (Canada) and Basler (Germany). If you had to open the wardrobe of a Rosella fashion client, you would firstly be in awe of her choice of elegant and classy pieces and secondly, you would think that this is a woman well-travelled.

Something that doesn’t really change at Rosella though, are the staff. Some of Rosella’s staff have been with this family fashion business for 10 – 20 years. As such, these ladies have acquired a vast amount of experience within the fashion industry. Rosella doesn’t employ in-store staff. Oh, no! This classy boutique employ stylists so that when moms and daughters come in to shop, they don’t need to fend for themselves. They have a host of stylists at their fingertips that will style them to perfection.

You don’t shop at Rosella. You become Rosella. Rosella is an Italian name that is bold, dynamic and elegant. Much like how you will look and feel when you are styled the Rosella way in-store.

A Passion For People

Belinda Zietsman started the business almost 29 years ago. Belinda started this business with a passion for fashion and most importantly, people. Not only did she have a passion for her family in the hopes that this business would provide security and purpose for her family but she wanted to also provide employment for people that gave their lives purpose and enjoyment. If you walk into any one of the nine boutique shops, you will see that the stylists are doing something that they truly love.



Mom and daughter duo, Belinda and Ann Margaret Zietsman both share a passion for people and have as such, dressed many underprivileged women in their respective communities because they believe that all women should feel beautiful and elegant because women find their inner strength and confidence from this. Further to this, each-and-every month each of the nine Rosella boutique stores donates a percentage of their turnover to a selected charity.



The Rosella boutique stores are anything but just “another boutique”. The Zietsman family have stood the test of time and their passion for fashion and people is evident in their business and the clothing, of course.

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