Red Hot!

So you’re feisty and a go-getter in your own right, but wearing bright colours intimidates you and red is the most out there of the lot! Maybe you’ve dabbled in red lips or tips, but more than that just seems OTT.

Ladies you’re missing out on being… red hot! Regardless of complexion, shape or age – red can certainly do you justice. Here are some steps for you to follow in your quest to become red savvy:

  1. Take a few deep breaths
  2. Jump into your car
  3. Drive to your closest Rosella boutique
  4. Step into the store, grab a cuppa and relax
  5. Let our expert Rosella shop attendants guide the way

You’ll be eased in with an array of red accents in the form of luxurious handbags, shoes and jewels. These little, sharp hints of red can be subtly added to your everyday wardrobe.


When you’re rocking the red accents, that’s when you graduate to the larger pieces – dresses, jackets, blouses and coats.


Do it gradually and at your own pace and before you know it you’ll go from a red no go to having red FOMO! [Fear of missing out]


Till next time,


Lady Rosella


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