Ready, set, sale!

As thrilling as sales can be, for some of us they can also be the exact opposite – all that choice can be intimidating and daunting. But they need not be with this, your trusty guide to navigating sales and using them to your benefit. Follow these steps for optimum results:

  • Get your game plan on: Assess what your actual wardrobe needs are then make a list of items with detail like colour and what you could wear the piece with – a winter dress that I can dress up for work and down for casual weekends. To wear with boots, heals and flats.
  • Wear the right gear: Armed with your list, decipher what would be best for you to wear – don’t wear boots, opt for slip or pumps instead. Wear the correct underwear – wear nude underwear if you are shopping for lighter coloured items. Another tip is to wear a cross-body bag, as it leaves your hands free for rummaging.
  • Distraction-free: keeping your eye on the prize and your head in the game is key to getting what you want out of the sale experience. It’s best to go it alone sans children and friends, unless your friend is as focussed as you are and you both agree to a game plan and stick to it.
  • If the shoe doesn’t fit: Then it’s just not meant to be. Collect all your items and head to the changing rooms for a fitting session to ensure that items fit correctly. Remember, it’s not a bargain if it doesn’t fit!
  • Asking: When in doubt, ask one of the friendly Rosella Assistants for their advice. An honest, unbiased opinion goes along way.
  • Time after time: When in doubt buy versatile pieces you can wear countless times – a great pair of jeans, a collared shirt, an LBD, these are all wardrobe investments and guaranteed to give you more bang for your buck.
  • Fun and games: Hopefully these tips will leave you prepared, confident and ready for action. All that’s left to do is have fun – at the end of it you’ll have some ab fab items to show for your efforts.

Here are some of our favourite sale items for you to keep an eye open for:

[woocommerce_products_carousel_all_in_one all_items=”6″ show_only=”id” out_of_stock=”false” exclude=”” products=”8008,8009,7400,8000,7998,7999″ categories=”” relation=”and” tags=”” ordering=”asc” template=”default.css” show_title=”true” show_description=”false” allow_shortcodes=”false” show_price=”false” show_category=”false” show_tags=”false” show_add_to_cart_button=”false” show_more_button=”false” show_more_items_button=”false” show_featured_image=”true” image_source=”medium” image_height=”100″ image_width=”100″ items_to_show_mobiles=”1″ items_to_show_tablets=”2″ items_to_show=”4″ slide_by=”1″ stage_padding=”0″ margin=”5″ loop=”true” stop_on_hover=”true” auto_play=”false” auto_play_timeout=”1200″ auto_play_speed=”800″ nav=”true” nav_speed=”800″ dots=”true” dots_speed=”800″ lazy_load=”false” mouse_drag=”true” mouse_wheel=”true” touch_drag=”true” easing=”linear” auto_width=”false” auto_height=”true” custom_breakpoints=””]

Go get your shopping on and enjoy!


Lady Rosella

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