Radiant In Red

Hello February 2016! The month of love and glam award season frocks is upon us, plus we have an extra day to indulge ourselves with.

A highlight for some of us is celebrating Valentine’s Day with your loved one. The lowlight is the cringe-worthy thought of another cheesy last minute.com Valentine’s gift…! Send your significant other to Rosella? (hyperlink to stores), where we will guide and supervise gifting options on your behalf and put an end to your gift woes!

No significant other on speed dial? Why should that stop you from being spoilt? Show yourself some love with a smashing pair of Rosella shoes! We have a wide range of styles and colours for you to choose from, like our gorgeous Must Have Item of The Month:

Jolie Red Bling Pumps - R999

Jolie Red Bling Pumps – R999

Red – the colour of love, passion, desire and power has got to be our colour of the month. The great thing about red is that there are so many shades you’re bound to find one that suits your complexion. Despite being a colour that optimises confidence, it is often the colour that most intimidates us when it comes to dressing in it. But all your fears of red are about to come to an end! This month Rosella will show you how to introduce red into your wardrobe and inspire you to confidently dazzle in red.

Confidently dazzle in red

Confidently dazzle in red


Till next time,

The Rosella Team

Ps There is a shade of red for every woman. Audrey Hepburn OR Love yourself first, so that you know what you deserve!

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