Keep Your Cool this Summer with Rosella

With the heat wave that is pounding down on Gauteng it is definitely time to pull out your lightest, brightest and airiest pieces from the closet.

The high temperature gauntlet that Johannesburg and Pretoria have become requires preparation and Rosella is here to help, below are our favourite pieces to survive the sauna!


Cover up from the sun without sacrificing the breeze with this bright and colourful deep peach top.


Still want to make a statement? Look no further than this chic dress with a bold art print.


Open toe is the only way to go, we recommend these strappy Jolie sandals with breathing pads in the soles (you can thank us later!).

17_FL532341LEONeed to get through a balmy evening while still looking stylish? This Frank Lyman Leo print will definitely turn heads.


Pair any of the above with a Mojito and absolutely nothing could make you lose your cool this summer!


The Rosella Team


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