It’s All About the Accessories- Handbag Edition

As the days become warmer and the nights lose their nip it’s time to brighten up your ensemble and what better way to do this than with some choice accessories?

Today we’re going to be looking at handbags, because they’re useful (and oh so important to your overall look).

If you’re the kind of girl that has her one trusty handbag, then chances are it’s probably a neutral tone with lots of space, are we right? We’ll you don’t have to forgo style by going neutral- although a not so neutral
Navy never hurts!

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To illustrate a point- look how beautifully these Faux snakeskin handbags pull off the neutral tone look (and no-one could accuse you of being boring with one of those!). But, and this is a big but- look at how the cobalt pops out at you- we can hardly take our eyes off of it!

Since we’re talking neutrals vs brights, remember a neutral accessory doesn’t necessarily have to be monotone, just look at the stripey ensemble at the top right. When it comes to the evening, metallic handbags are all anyone should be seen with. Our personal favourite in the massive new Rosella handbag range is the bronzed silver evening handbag- this is definitely the 2015 woman’s best friend!

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We hope you had as much as fun as we had looking through all the new Rosella handbags available (there’s over 142 to choose from), if you haven’t looked yet you can find the handbag section of the site here.


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