In the pink

When you think pink the following are more than likely come to mind – flamingos, candy, tutus, The Pink Panther…

We have so many positive associations with the colour that have been with us since childhood.

However, confidently dressing in pink is a different matter. Some of us feel the colour juvenile or too bright, too girly and inappropriate for the workplace. Here are a few tips on how you can include pink into your wardrobe with ease.

Pink is not one colour
There is such a broad range of pink shades and tones. It’s often easier to play around with the subtle pinks as opposed to the brighter ones, especially when it comes to office wear. This salmon blazer and dusty pink shift dress are great examples.

Focal point
Treat pink as the focal point of an outfit, as opposed to dressing in it from head to toe. Pair these slacks with a black blazer or denim jacket and this formal, longer length jacket, with your favourite LBD or a neutral tone frock for dressier occasions.


Pink in patterns
Have pink included as one of the colours in a pattern so that it’s a key colour of the outfit, but not the only or dominant one.


Break up solid pink items with accessories. Add a bold necklace, bracelet or earrings to do the trick.


One can also add splashes of pink to outfits with the addition of accessories. Use a colourful bag to add some pizazz to outfits that are a single colour.

It’s easier than you think to wear pink. There’s no reason for you not to get your pink on and own it!

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