Have You Heard About the Rosella Royal Makeover?

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You can get a Rosella ‘Royal’-makeover PLUS a holiday in Mauritius!

Rooi Rose magazine, in collaboration with Rosella – Style Inspired by Elegance, is giving a Rooi Rose reader the chance to win a royal makeover. The winner will be given a top to toe makeover and will be given a brand new designer wardrobe to match!

To top it all off the winner and a companion will then be taken to Mauritius to holiday like a queen. There are also many more prizes to be won during the course of the competition for Rooi Rose readers for giving their opinions and feedback.

The makeover extends over two days:

Day 1: facial, hand and nail treatments
Day 2: hair and make-up, a new wardrobe, styling, jewelry and accessories

The winner will be staying at a guest house in Johannesburg for the makeover, with a luxury Mercedes and driver from DeWit Motors at her disposal.


So Make sure you get this months issue of Rooi Rose and enter!



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