Falling out of love

There are times when we need to admit that not all loves are meant to be, even during the month of love itself. Here are some of your fashion loves it’s time to let go of…

Tripped up

Adore a pair of heels so much so that you convince yourself to buy the only size available, a size smaller than yours, in the hope that they would stretch? Sadly, this romance was doomed from the beginning. Gift them to someone who can appreciate them as much as you would have if you could walk in them!


We love crisp white shirts so much so that we wear and wear and wear them until the crisp white fades to a dull nondescript colour. It’s time to trade your old model in for a younger, brighter version.


Who has the willpower to battle into a pair of tight jeans or find a matching belt that stops them from sagging by midday? Consolidate your denim collection every few months and donate the pairs that no longer flatter your body.


You’ve tried every trick in the book to rid your beloved blouse of that crab curry stain – even buying a large brooch in an attempt to cover your sins. Sometimes it’s better to admit defeat than worry about unsightly stains while you go about your busy day.


The eternal mystery of the missing socks leaving behind mismatched pairs. Will you ever find them – probably not! Don’t waste another minute, clear out your sock draw and shed what you don’t use or need.

This doesn’t have to be a love story gone wrong, as Rosella has your perfect fit. Set a date to pop by your nearest boutique and fall in love all over again.

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