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At last, spring is here! The warmer weather is settling in, which means your spring/summer wardrobe needs to be unpacked al pronto! There’s no better way to usher the new season in than showcasing your floral garments. Whether you’re a traditionalist, an expressive creative, a romantic or prefer a more contemporary feel, there’s a floral print to suit you. Here are our favourite Rosella florals for you to enjoy this spring.

Exotic flowers or blooms with varying combinations of texture, pattern, colour and shape will appeal to the expressive creatives among us.


For those who appreciate more of a contemporary feel, distinct styles such as monochromatic or fewer larger flowers are right up their alley.

Less bold colours with softer, subtle hues with additional feminine textures, such as lace, would be ideal for romantics.


There’s no need to be a wallflower this spring, instead be a budding star with a selection of floral prints that cater to your every springtime mood.


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