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It’s the accessory that travels everywhere with us, carries our daily necessities and compliments our outfits – handbags are undoubtedly an essential item in our everyday lives.

Have you ever wondered what your handbag design, colour and size say about you? We took the liberty of matching our latest range of divine Jolie handbag styles to personality types, making choosing the right handbag for you not only easy, but also fun!

The Thinker


This contemporary number with splashes of colour attracts the curious, analytical and insightful thinkers among us.

The Perfectionist


Are you realistic, conscientious and principled? Then you’re more than likely a perfectionist. Your preferred bag is structured and practical – classic with a twist.

The Leader


Leaders are direct, self-confident, self-reliant and protective. They are fearless and enjoy the challenge of unconventional and bold statement pieces like this tasselled gem.

The Adventurer


This bold print is undoubtedly for the adventurers among us who are energetic, lively and optimistic – big enough to hold all the items you need for your daily adventuring.

The Helper


Helpers are warm, concerned, nurturing and sensitive individuals. Warm, bright colours match their heartfelt kindness.

The Romantic


If you are sensitive, warm and receptive, you’re a romantic for sure. What better way to show your romantic side than with red roses.

The Achiever


Are you energetic, optimistic, self-assured and goal orientated? Achievers love statement handbags like this one – stylish, quirky, but sensible.

The Peacemaker


Peacemakers are receptive, good-natured and supportive. Butterflies symbolise change and peacemakers bring about and embrace just that.

The Questioner


Are you a wonderer who questions the norms? Do your qualities include being responsible, trustworthy and loyal? Then the calmness of azure and certainty of black is a combo that would appeal to you.

What ever your personality type Jolie’s range of handbags will cater to this and more – there is a Jolie handbag for every occasion and your every need.

Also included in the Jolie brand are jewellery, shoes and clothing carefully crafted for every body-type with sizes ranging from 10-22. Jolie is designed by South African, mother-daughter power duo, Belinda & Ann Margaret Zietsman – for women by women. The popularity of the brand has prompted the opening of the first stand-alone Jolie boutiques in Brooklyn Mall and Cresta with a third on its way to Menlyn Mall. Jolie – the ready-to-wear brand that meets your every fashion need.

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